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New Policy Regarding Inquiries

(January 5, 2019)

In addition to our long-standing policy of not dealing with purchasers and resellers of translation (i.e., translation agencies or brokers), we hereby confirm our policy regarding inquiries, effective immediately (January 5, 2019). This policy affects:

The only response that will be made to individuals, Chinese entities, and e-mail sent from free email accounts will be an autoreply message with this new policy.

Inquiries from Individuals

We no longer accept inquiries from individuals. Our experience is that many are merely window-shopping and that most do not have the money to purchase professional translation services.

Inquiries from Chinese Entities

There are a number of reasons why a tier-one provider of Japanese/English translation should avoid China.

For the above reasons, we do not even respond to inquiries coming from Chinese entities.

Inquiries Sent from Free Email Accounts

Regardless of who they purport to be or represent, unknown people embracing the "everything-for-free" new-age strategy of using a free email account such as gmail either are highly unlikely to be able to afford professional language services or have some other reason for using an email account that can be created anonymously. Inquiries from people using such free email accounts will be ignored without exception.