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In June, William Lise will give a presentation at the 30th International Japanese-English Translation Conference (IJET-30) in Cairns, Australia..

Recent Translation Topics

Three Skills Essential in High-quality Japanese-to-English Translation of Complex Subject Matter (March 14, 2019) Engagement with your translation provider (something that is difficult with bulk providers) is the key to assuring that the people translating your documents have these skills.
In Japanese-to-English Translation, One Size Definitely Does Not Fit All (February 12, 2019) There are serious differences between bulk translation brokers and translation companies that actually have translation capabilities themselves. Active engagement with your translation provider can help you discover which you are dealing with.

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Japanese Patent Translation:   Our clients value high quality and know the difference between a broker of commodity translations and one with valuable experience in industry and reearch. Read More Industrial Translation:   We have not only a wealth of translation expertise, but also real-life industrial and research experience. You will find that we speak your language, not just the language of selling translation. Read More

Litigation Interpreting:   Are you meeting with your Japanese client in anticipation of patent litigation? Will you be preparing Japanese deponents? Do you need someone in the deposition room who can ensure that the lead interpreter is performing? Having been involved with depositions for decades and being fully familiar with the process of prepping deponents and checking interpretation of Japanese witnesses, we can provide value that a general interpreter simply cannot. Read More